Sinks, sinks everywhere or a day in Milan.

Milan – just the city of luxurious shopping? Nah, much more than that!

I was lucky enough to witness Milan take a new step into the world of Design. During this week, there are 3 areas that are devoted to interior design. Boring you might say? To be honest, I am not perhaps yet a fan of kitchens and dinner tables, but some had so much creativity in them, plus the way they were presented made me rethink my views. The absolutely fabulous sunny weather might have played the role, but I enjoyed every step I took (and according to my phone, I took 25,000 (!) steps that day).

As presumed, one day wasn’t enough even to see one full area, but it would be a lesson for me and a tip to come back to Milan for the whole week and with more money for all the great creative stuff here. Oh, and for the Italian gelato…




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