I have many hobbies and as you have rightly guessed, photography is one of them. I am this kind of person who tries to be talented in many fields. And I am that kind of a person, who found out what he wants to do in life a bit too late. I know it is never too late for anything, but would you say the same if I told you that I would pick AstroPhysics? Yup, exactly.

It is love at first sight and I was just blind not to see it. In all languages I know, I would be never able to describe the rush of feelings that I experience looking at the stars. All I am left with is tilting my head backwards with my mouth open and saying “WOW” about every 30 seconds. If you ever visit Vatican and see Michelangelo’s “Sistine Chapel“, you are most likely to do the same.


Well since the time cannot be turned backwards and I can only hope that in parallel universe, same me just finished university with Diploma in Astrophysics… In this universe I combined the two things that I like the most – stars and photography. I currently suck at it, but I am sure that I will have many more sleepless nights ahead to improve.

Enjoy and have amazing Christmas & New Years holidays!

Sun changes the stars
Short gif of a sunrise

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