TEDxLausanne 2015


Yesterday I attended TEDxLausanne as a Volunteer Photographer and absolutely loved it! There were so many inspirational and energetic people who made me even more motivated by the end of the talks.

  • Nicolas Henchoz:

So the talks began! TEDxLausanne 2015 was opened with presentation of Nicolas Henchoz, who talked about “Digital innovation by design: from disruption to acceptance”.

  • Frank Waldman:

Frank Waldman talked about how we can read faster in his presentation “Are you ready to change the way you read?”.

  • Bettina Neidhardt:

Next presenter, Bettina Neidhardt discussed “Cultural interface: harvesting differences” and showed an example of assumption to the audience.

  • Alisée de Tonnac:

Alisée de Tonnac shared her thoughts with us and stated that “Talents are everywhere”.

  • Théoriz:

In this dance performance, Théoriz introduced to the public the technology that enables people to control light.

  • Ailin Conant:

Ailin Conant, an amazing story teller, performed at TEDx with her “Unspoken Truth”.

  • John Antonakis:

“Let’s face it: Charisma matters” was presented yesterday by John Antonakis.


  • Chistèle Delbé:

Christèle Delbé shared her idea on “Mobilising Social Change: Innovations in Mobile Technology for Business and Philanthropy”.

  • Michelle Blanchet:

Michelle Blanchet spoke about “Empowered teachers: the low-cost, high impact way to change education”.

  • Gilles Furtwängler, Louis Schild and Lionel Friedli

Despite that one of the performants was missing, act was still very impressive!

  • Dan Acher:

Presentation “Shaking up the city experience” by Dan Acher showed how people can become close to each other and how cities should be changed to bring in new inspiration and spirit.

At the end of the event, I left very tired but super motivated and full of ideas! The videos of mine of the talks will be up in about a month on http://www.tedxlausanne.com/ and photographs pretty soon! Lastly, here is a short pick at the performance at TEDxLausanne:


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