Floating Market

Floating Market

There are several floating markets around Thailand, and they actually mean what they are called. Originally, people of Thailand who didn’t want to pay rent or buy land, based themselves on water. This way not only they didn’t need to pay at all, the house was colder and they were well protected against enemies. Most of the attackers were prepared to battle on ground, but not in water, that is why this way of living on water became so famous. People started visiting those villages and residents figured that it would be so much easier to sell the goods on water instead of going to ground and then coming back to their houses. This is how the floating markets appeared. People needed to move around, so they started off with simple boats to travel through those channels, later took engines from cars and placed them on the boats. Now as before, they use only the 1st speed or move backwards. One of unhygienic aspects about this market is that residents wash their clothes in the channel’s water. Not only that, the boats create a lot of noise, but the residents seem to be totally ok with it. Another interesting thing, Thai people love TV, and even in poor places, it is almost necessary to have a big plasma. If one doesn’t have one, they are considered to be boring.

To find out more info about the floating market, please follow the link above. Enjoy!


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